Sports & Scholars is a student-oriented private academic tutoring and private athletic coaching service, committed to the academic and athletic success of students and athletes.

Sports & Scholars teaches a way of learning, rather than a formula for completing tasks. Sports & Scholars is founded on the unique philosophy that challenging deep practice forces us to fail and those failures force our bodies to re-wire the neural pathways of what we are trying to learn, which leads to greater efficiency and growth. "Practice doesn't make perfect, Practice makes permanent" and we believe that "perfect" practice is embracing the failures with an understanding that they will foster learning that endures. 

Our tutors meet students at areas of academic and athletic difficulty, and work with students to translate these fields of struggle into margins of growth. We strive to develop independent learners and self-driven athletes. Through personalized tutoring sessions and long-term relationships, we venture to develop critical thinking skills and confidence that will extend beyond the classroom. We see our tutors and coaches as more than just specialists in a specific skill, but rather as holistic mentors for the students and athletes we work with. Our tutors seek to not only cultivate effective studying strategies, but also the patience, passion, and persistence that are characteristic to lifelong learners.

We all know how much sports teaches us. Personal growth is founded on healthy life balance and diverse interests. Our role is to illuminate the connection between athletics and academics. We believe a symbiotic relationship between these two pursuits can improve both areas of a student/athlete’s life, optimizing academics and athletics simultaneously. For this reason, we not only offer academic tutoring, but also coaching in a wide range of athletic pursuits. We are dedicated to walking alongside students as they reach their fullest potential, and we love doing it. Find a tutor and/or coach today!


Private tutoring

We are a mobile service and will meet your student in their preferred learning environment. One on one or small groups available.

private coaching

One on one custom training. Individualized plans and focused attention.

Sat/act test prep

Custom curricula for each. Strategy includes practice taking real exams from previous years. One on one or small group available.


Navigating college athletics can be intimidating. We have resources to help. 

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Updates on student progress


Encourage consistent growth and development


Tutors adjust sessions to meet student's personal needs








Sport specific warm-ups and cool-downs. We develop "pre-hab" drills and exercises to teach their muscles how to fire correctly and efficiently. This develops greater functional strength, which is the best way to prevent injuries. We recognize the lack of teaching and information available to young athletes on the subject of physical health in sports and seek to incorporate this in our coaching.

Fundamentals are the building blocks of all sports. Regardless of the level of athlete, we first ensure that they understand and can competently perform the necessary fundamental skills for their sport. It is surprising how often athletes have played a sport for numerous years, only to realize once the get to the High School, or even College level, that their fundamentals may be lacking or even incorrect.

We believe that you cannot focus too much attention on technique. Improving technique is the single greatest way to improve any athletic skill. Proper technique is not natural for any activity or skill, and must be learned by ALL athletes. We have coaches, who not only know the correct techniques, but are skilled in communicating and teaching them to any athlete.



Every athlete learns differently. Some learn by watching other athletes, some by drills, some by training aids, some learn by watching film, and some by high quality coaching. We help the students to "learn how they learn", and use the methods that are most productive and efficient to get them results!

Every athlete has an inherently different skeletal structure, and muscle and body composition. These differences mean that every athlete will respond differently to training. We observe and analyze our athletes' physiological and athletic characteristics and skills in order to develop a training plan to maximize their sport specific skills.


Meet The Team

Austin Trinkle

Founder & Director, Tutor/Coach

Maya Jackson


Melita Sutherland


Ammar Alinur


Max Bloom


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Austin Trinkle

Mobile: 650.308.8487

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Discounts available for military and public safety.

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